Samstag, 15. Oktober 2011

hawaii 2011...just in pics

hawaiian flower

having fun at ceepo boot with megan and belinda

with the nutrilife guys alberto and matteo, ready to ride our ceepo's

autograph session for ceepo

swim course

my gecko friend likes the breakfast eggs

ceepo katana 2012 (and I will ride it :-)

farmers market, always a treat

what's today for breakfast?

biestmilch t-day at the pier, every year the best action there

the great scott rigsby

sunset in kailua-kona

race morning breakfast while sitting at the pier

just a few minutes to the start


julie dibens in front

will chrissie win again?

short break while cheering for the athletes

time for some purchases: kona coffee & mac nuts: I like!

very day the same...breakfast time

acai bowl...yummy

also yummy ;-)

ceepo dinner - great people!

ready for the k-swiss post race party - what a company ;-)

the most desired bow for IM athletes all over the world

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