Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

ITU long distance world champs henderson

just a few days to go and I will give a kind of comeback after my stress fracture in july! accidentally this first race will be a world championship, the ITU long distance worlds at henderson (las vegas) :-)
even if I'm not yet in the same shape as I was before the injury, I'm looking forward to race again...and the last weeks of preparation went well, so I can be confident on this!
together with my italian national team mates, martina dogana, massimo cigana and matteo annovazzi we will fly to vegas on wednesday nov, 2nd and be ready to race on saturday!
even if we are a small team, I'm sure we can do well all together and represent italy's triathlon very well out there :-)
find all the infos on the official website and check back on saturday for the results!

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