Montag, 9. Mai 2011

mouse gene

a couple of months ago I had an interesting chat with my friend, ironman champion and now bloody fast marathon runner, mariska kramer
we spoke about talent in sport! a lot of people affirm that everyone who is able to win an important race is a great talent in sports..well, we don't agree!
of course there are some athletes very gifted, but there are a lot of elite athletes which for sure have not a "winner constitution" at all! but these sort of athletes often have an exceptional mental power which makes it possible, especially in long endurance events, to compensate their weaker physical prerequisites!
and here we are where mariska and I called it "the mouse gene" :-) we found it interesting that both of us never had problems to do workouts where we had to go up and down (just like a mouse in his cage :-) the same course countless times, if only the training will be successful! we both never struggled with boredom doing the same courses day in, day out, if it will lead to a great workout!
so, I will leave this post with an open question: isn't our mouse gene maybe also a kind of talent? maybe a mental talent, which finally has brought us to win races even if we are not that strong as others?

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