Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

bike geometry

as for the new year 2011 I have a new bike sponsor, ceepo, I had to find the right size for choosing my new frame and even more important, find the same bike fitting as I had before, using the kuota kueen-k!

maybe some of you have to do the same, I want to share a few lines about bike frame change:

well, first of all, we compared the geometries of the two bike models (see chart above), where stack and reach where the most important data for us to start building up the new bike!
and then my bike mechanic, zanolinibike, had to do the hard work to put all the pieces together (using stem lenght, spacers, cutting handlebar extensions etc.) to bring the katana to the same measurements and angles I was used to bike with for the last years!

well, he did a great job - first ride with the new bike fitted like wax :-)

we didn't care to much about saving weight, but using parts that give me comfort to ride in the aeroposition for hours and hours and therefore one thing I would never change, is my saddle!
since 2009 I'm using ism, model adamo road, which is perfect for me, I can ride for hours and hours with comfort and without pain and as the saddle is one of the 3 contact points (together with pedals and handlebars) it's very important to find the right model to be able to convert all the power in speed :-)

power? for many years now I pace my training intensity with the srm, but I think terenzo bozzone pointed it out very good in his blog, saying this gadget is great, but first off all you have to know how to use it and never ignore how your body is feeling during the workouts!

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