Mittwoch, 6. März 2013

abu dhabi

and here we are: first race of the season 2013: abu dhabi international triathlon, short course!
the decision to race the shorter distance was obvious: after spending only 2 weeks at the canary island I wasn't ready for the long distance! bike preparation in italy's winter months is not easy....
the race started very well for me, I had a good swim, beeing in front of my start wave almost all the way (I lika that :-)
the 100km bike part was, as usual in abu dhabi, marked with strong head down and push all the way...I felt great and all the strenght work I did on my windtrainer payed off! the highlight was of course the lap on the ias marina formula1 circuit...simply wicked ;-)
the first steps off the bike didn't feel great, I had a bit of tighten pushing hard pace was not really possible! but after 5km I felt better and opened up the strike, finishing in a time of 3:58.07 (20:55-2:49.10-42:08) in first place!
well...a really good start into the new season, happy :-)

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