Freitag, 6. Januar 2012

first camp almost over

the first camp 2012 is almost over...just a few days to go... we established a good base over this 2 weeks, lots of km and h, but nothing with really high intensity! well, the up and down courses together with strong winds are never easy here ;-)
I managed also to get in good core workout routine and just can feel the difference, especially during run sessions! so, never forget your core area!
swimming is also great at Las Playitas, 50mt outdoor pool, good for working on tan lines too :-)))

so, what's coming next? on january, 15th, we will be at Gardacqua for our second edition of LABT3, providing swimming, biking and running lactate threshold tests! looking forward to a great day and get together with friends
see you there!

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