Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

biest of friends

biest of friends by biestmilch: we are a bunch of people within the triathlon community with similar mindsets, our approach to the body, to sport and training is a holistic one. 

our way of gaining more knowledge is rooted in science not in esotericism, science that may not yet have reached textbooks.
biestmilch (bovine colostrum) as a substance stands for this way of looking at things, it is more than a natural remedy, it became a brand and an attitude to life. 

we are driven by creating good content. being authentic and loyal is our goal knowing very well that these are properties one has to work for every day anew.

so, come and join us at our facebook group, discussing interesting topics and get some advice from the biest of the best, the biestmilch professional athletes!

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