Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

70.3 phuket

well what to say...I'm getting a little bit tired to race with physical problems all the way! the race today was another disappointment! after stress fracture in july, bronchial asthma at world champs las vegas, now strong sciatic problems!
after I have fallen flat down on my face during the last race, I got a strong backache and not only...and I was not able to improve in 6 days, so....from start to finish it was a big distress!
today, at 70.3 phuket I placed 13. among a very strong professional field, but I was never able to race, I only tried to complete and this is not really satisfying for me!!
so today I took a decision: I will never do a race, if I'm not in a good physical health!
I want to thank you all out there for the great support, for the good luck wishes and for the nice words afterwards and I feel sorry to not have been able to bring you more joy with a good result!

congrats to all the TriathlonTravel athletes, an amazing bunch of people!

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