Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

stress fracture

it's a bit more than 1 week now I'm hobbling around with a leg in plaster...stress fracture caused by snapping my ankle 2 weeks before IM austria and continuing with run training for the next days!
first we thought about a tendon problem, but 2 days before klagenfurt the pain got worse and the suspicion grew!

nonetheless I started race day full of hope to be able to finish the race succesfully...
everything went fine during the swim and bike leg, but as soon as I started to run, the pain was there and got worse and worse...
after 5km I wasn't able to put my foot on the ground and it was about time to stop: DNF!

this is my first real injury in 13 years of triathlon, even if for an professional athlete it's always a balancing act between right workload and overload, I was able to stay on the safe side-this time I jumped over this thin line!

well, I'm surprisingly calm and serene this moment, I do what I can and should do: core and strengthening exercises, pedaling on my windtrainer, magnetic field therapy, osteopathy...increasing the intake of calcium, vitamin D3, biestmilch....sleeeping well...

so at the moment it's all about healing well and to gradually build up endurance and power!
it's definitely also a point of time where I have to learn to care even more the recovery aspects: Macca gives great insights to this theme in his book "I'm here to win", speaking about accepting age and not able to train volumes like in the recent past, but enhance recovery and bank on experience, tactics etc. :-)

in the meantime I have plenty of time to care and extend my coaching activity pro train which I really love, it's an interaction of challenge and satisfaction !

last but nor least: a really huge THANK YOU to all of you, the support with cheerful words, mails, incredible and means a lot to me!

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