Samstag, 25. Juni 2011

taper week

well, we all know how hard it is coming into the last week before an ironman race!
the training volume declines and sometimes our body feels more tired than into a full training load period!
nonetheless it's very important to keep calm, to accept this feelings and to be confident! after years and years of racing for me it's not a problem anymore, I know that resting will lead up to a good performance on race day, but I want to share with you some crucial points of the taper week:
  • first of all try to sleep a lot, even a 20 minute nap can be very helpful
  • eat healthy and the last 3 days before the race increase the carbs intake
  • don't forget to accompany your carboload with fluid intake, drink more if you are racing in hot conditions and drink also electrolytes, not only water
  • keep your immune system strong, as disturbances lead to a drop of performance
  • keep on moving with short workouts, include a few short interval at your ironman race pace
  • don't walk around for hours and hours at the race expo, feet up is the better option
  • take a rest day two days before the race
  • include 1 or 2 short sessions the day before the race to wake up your muscular and nervous system
well, of course I know that this points are well-known by all of us, but to adapt Goethe...."it's not enough to know, we must apply. it's not enough to want, we must do it" :-)

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