Montag, 4. April 2011

uncomfortable feeling

let's start a few weeks back: abu dhabi triathlon 12 march 2011!
I was in a good shape - of course not my best one, it was only march - but I was looking for a strong finish in the UAE!
but during the race I had stomach problems and so I wasn't able to finish this race!

2 days after the race I travelled to sharm el sheikh with triathlontravel, a group of italian triathletes for 2 weeks of great bike training-but a severe intestinal infection thwarted my plans! I was forced to stop training for a few days and only during the second week I was able to join the others on the bike rides...what a frustration!

when I came back home I didn't feel great...still suffering a painful stomach bug! what to do? first of all I made some analysis to preclude viral disease and/or bacteria presence...but I also didn't train, because there was this "uncomfortable feeling" - I was not really sick, but I didn't feel alright either!

after years of experience I'm now at the point where I know my body quite well and therefore I respected the warning signals and decided to heal up before returning to full training, coz a great biestmilch blog says " no performance without an intact immune system" and every athlete, working with his body day in day out, should pay attention to it!

sometimes we are far too impatient :-)

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