Sonntag, 10. Oktober 2010


well, what to say...31. isn't exactly what I expected, but I have to take it!
my swim was ok, I was in a small group with other pro women and the pace was good for me, also on the first 100k on the bke I felt very fine, could push a solid pace and everything was fine, but suddenly all my strenght and energy was gone! the way back from hawi I suffered a lot, I also cramped on the bike, which I never did in over 10 years of triathlon!
but somehow I managed to get to T2, start the marathon, hoping for better feeelings, but...also here my legs were not responding, I could not run the usual pace and had to struggle especially the way out and back to energy lab!
I have to admit there were some strange thoughts in my mind..but I had family and friends on the finish line and a lot of people back home in italy cheering for me, so it was all about finishing the race for them!
I don't have any excuses for my feelings, it just happened! and...finally I'm glad I made it to the finishline and enjoy the incredible crowd!
thanx to all of you for the support in the last weeks, days - this means a lot!


Ame hat gesagt…

Brava Edith i Campioni e non parlo solo a livello sportivo si vedono nei momenti critici.Potrebbe la mia essere la classica frase fatta ma sai che fingere non fa parte del mio dna ;-) ora goditi il riposo.è un po' che non ci si vede ma sono il solito pirla non pensare che sia migliorato haha :-D un abbraccio AME

Edith Niederfriniger hat gesagt…

grazie ame e....fossero tutti pirla come te :-)

stefano zavagno hat gesagt…

Bravissima e basta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
un abbraccione
Stefano Z.

Edith Niederfriniger hat gesagt…

ok stefano, se o dici tu....basta....silenzio....non mi lamento piú! :-)))))))
un abraccio