Dienstag, 15. Juni 2010

5.place tri grand prix zarautz

a little race report: the swim wasn't easy...rough sea and I lost the first group, so swimming all alone and it seemed much longer than 2,5k...getting out of the water wasn't easy either, some waves! once on the bike I felt strong and tried to push constantly throughout the tough course, we had to do 2 loops of 28 k and 1 loop of 26 k with a lot of climbing and even a "wall" of 2k with 20-24%gradient - by the way, the basque crowd were awesome out there cheering us on like a tour de france stage :-) - weel, I managed to finish the bike in 5th place and was a bit doubtful about my run legs, because of a sciatica pain the last few weeks...but the first half I feelt good and running into the top 5 has psyched me up, so I continued with a steady pace for the last 10 k , even if my back was suffering a lot!

so, obviously I'm really happy with this race, there was a strong field and the first 4 chicas were out of reach for me, congrats to everyone who finished this thoug, but FAIR race!

and I want to thank also the tri grand prix staff for having me and caring so well about us athletes!

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