Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2009

race day

well..what to say..just happy!
3rd place at IM cozumel 7 weeks after hawaii and getting a slot for 2010 isn't so bad :-)
I had a solid race with a really strong swim, a very good bike ride and a ...let's say "normal" run - my run training was interrupted too long this year due to an injury and so....couldn't reach my best level...
but taking 3rd place behind two of the worlds best athletes like yvonne and bella is ok! they both did a great job
the race was well organized, I think for the first time they did a really great job on cozumel, which is a beautiful, small mexican island surrounded by worlds most beautiful reefs...a dream for snorkelling and scuba diving!
now it's time to recover a little bit from the long season, looking forward for x-mas time at home, before getting into new races 2010 :-)))
thanx to all my sponsors, supporters, family and friends - I wouldn't made it without you!

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