Freitag, 19. April 2013

challenge ftv

last saturday I raced challenge fuerteventura, for the third year in a row! I like this race, it's very hard because of the tough, hilly and windy bike course, it's a very fair race!
but this time I couldn't enjoy the foot didn't play fair! I suffered a left ankle pain starting two weeks before the race, so I decided to stop my run training and was full of hope for improvement till race day, but....after 2km out on the run course, my foot was hurting a lot :-(
so no way to finish the race, even if I started very well, coming out of the water in 2nd position and my bike performance was also ok...
but now it's time to do some examinations, like magnetic resonance, in order to find out what exactly happened!
but there is also a good thing to report from this race, linda, an athlete I'm coaching for 2 years now, won her age group and came 12. overall :-) congrats linda!
special thanks to the organizers, jordi and team, and playitas resort for the warm welcome!

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