Freitag, 19. April 2013

challenge ftv

last saturday I raced challenge fuerteventura, for the third year in a row! I like this race, it's very hard because of the tough, hilly and windy bike course, it's a very fair race!
but this time I couldn't enjoy the foot didn't play fair! I suffered a left ankle pain starting two weeks before the race, so I decided to stop my run training and was full of hope for improvement till race day, but....after 2km out on the run course, my foot was hurting a lot :-(
so no way to finish the race, even if I started very well, coming out of the water in 2nd position and my bike performance was also ok...
but now it's time to do some examinations, like magnetic resonance, in order to find out what exactly happened!
but there is also a good thing to report from this race, linda, an athlete I'm coaching for 2 years now, won her age group and came 12. overall :-) congrats linda!
special thanks to the organizers, jordi and team, and playitas resort for the warm welcome!

Sonntag, 31. März 2013

pro train camp toscana

from 16 to 23 march we pitched our tends in tuscany, exactly at the Poggio all'Agnello Country and Beach Resort for the second pro train camp 2013!
training conditions and resort services have been really good, so we could held a week full of work in terms of swimming, biking, running, stretching, eating, sleeping, lughing, discussing...  :-D
check out the pro train homepage for more pics!

Mittwoch, 6. März 2013

oscar del triathlon 2012

la sera del 4 marzo 2013 é andata in scena la serata di gala oscar del triathlon organizzata dalla rivista fantatriathlon di dario nardone in collaborazione con fondazione laureus italia, onlus diretta da silvana de giovanni.
la serata é stata presentata da linus di radio deejay nella sede della gazzetta dello sport a milano e ha visto una grande partecipazione di pubblico.
tantissimi gli ospiti intervenuti e i video dei finalisti si sono susseguiti a scandire i diversi vincitori che si sono aggiudicati l'ambito oscar del triathlon!
veramente una gran bella serata a premiare il nostro amato sport :-)

abu dhabi

and here we are: first race of the season 2013: abu dhabi international triathlon, short course!
the decision to race the shorter distance was obvious: after spending only 2 weeks at the canary island I wasn't ready for the long distance! bike preparation in italy's winter months is not easy....
the race started very well for me, I had a good swim, beeing in front of my start wave almost all the way (I lika that :-)
the 100km bike part was, as usual in abu dhabi, marked with strong head down and push all the way...I felt great and all the strenght work I did on my windtrainer payed off! the highlight was of course the lap on the ias marina formula1 circuit...simply wicked ;-)
the first steps off the bike didn't feel great, I had a bit of tighten pushing hard pace was not really possible! but after 5km I felt better and opened up the strike, finishing in a time of 3:58.07 (20:55-2:49.10-42:08) in first place!
well...a really good start into the new season, happy :-)

las playitas

come ormai da parecchi anni, anche quest' inverno ho deciso di passare un paio di settimane al caldo, per allenare meglio la bici :-)
la meta favorita ormai é las playitas, il bel resort di fuerteventura, che offre ottime condizioni per allenamenti di triathlon
quello che quest' anno é cambiato, era il fatto che per la prima volta ho organizzato un camp!
il gruppo era composto di una decina di atleti e oltre ad esserci allenati molto bene, ci siamo pure divertiti :-D
assolutamente da riproporre prossimo anno!

Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013


last december I had the opportunity to visit nepal! 
it was my first trip over there, and even if my dad shared a lot of his experiences from an expedition he did several years ago, I didn't really know what to expect...
well, it turned out a complete new experience for me... kathmandu, covered with a pall of smog but a unique cultural heritage...buddhist stupas...hindu cremation, and then trekking amongst some of the highest peaks of the world, the annapurna range, with his stunning nature and views are just a few of the impressions of this journey! 
travel diary is long, so here are a few impressions....